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Volunteer at Bethesda

The best way to see what we do here at BMC is to come and experience it for yourself. We welcome medical professionals to work alongside our staff.


Come as an individual or part of a team and use your expertise to treat patients. 


Invest in our staff by providing training sessions with them so they can continue to improve on their quality of care and use their new skills to treat patients long after you have gone.


You could also join us on a mobile medical clinic to provide healthcare in remote areas of Haiti where there is no doctor.

Short term opportunities


Medical teams consisting of doctors, nurses, lab techs, X Ray techs, Physical therapists and Occupational therapists.

Specialists such as neurologists, rheumatologists, pediatricians, etc.


We welcome teams to help us with evangelism in the local area.

Volunteers pray with a patient at Bethesda Medical Center
A volunteer helping local people in Haiti at Bethesda Medical Center
Volunteers at Bethesda medical Center

Long term opportunities

Occupational Therapist - Haiti

Join the Bethesda Medical Center team as an Occupational Therapist at our hospital in Northern Haiti.  If this is something you would consider, please get in touch and we can provide more information.

Fundraisers - USA and Canda

We welcome any volunteers who would be willing to join a fundraising team In both Canada and the US.  Join as a group or as individuals to help us constinue our work with the people of Haiti.

Marketing and Communications - Haiti or remotely from any location

Help us share the good news about the work of Bethesda Medical Center through our marketing and communications activities.  This could be a part-time position and we are pretty flexible.  If this sounds like it might be something you could do, get in touch for more information.

Volunteer physical therapists at Bethesda Medical Center, Haiti

Board Vacancies


We have an urgent need for a medical doctor to join the Bethesda Medical Center board.  Board members serve for a three year term and meet mostly online.  There is a requirement to meet in-person once each year, usually in Haiti, USA or Canada.

What our volunteers say

Bethesda gave us an opportunity to not just work for, but work with the Haitian people that allowed us to develop friendships that will last a lifetime. Professionally I have never been more inspired by the people that work at Bethesda with their work ethic and desire to help people. Excellent care was provided to every patient but was predicated on each person leaving the facility knowing about Jesus.


This was a trip that forced us to get out of our comfort zone and had the opportunity to get closer to God and see his blessings. We are truly thankful that we went and recommend this trip to anyone!


As much as I thought I was going to serve the people of Haiti, the people of Haiti served me. Volunteering at BMC humbled me, gave me lifelong friendships with like-minded Haitian believers, and gave me a front row seat to watching God perform miracles.


You can’t step foot inside the gates of BMC and not have your heart transformed by the beautiful community, both from patients and staff. If you want to know what it’s like to have strangers quickly become family, volunteer alongside the staff at Bethesda!


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A female doctor listens to an elderly man's heart with a stethoscope at Bethesda Medical Center in Haiti.

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