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Moving for Medicine 

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Move around Bethesda

This years MOVE is a little different especially with visa complications meaning Dr Rodney is not able to travel to Canada this June. 

Our online campaign will go ahead but with a little twist! 

Every day Dr Rodney will be going on facebook live from Haiti, 'moving' around Bethesda and showing you what exactly goes on, what a typical day looks like and explaining more about the illnesses our staff treat and medicines Bethesda provides everyday.  


Please follow along on our facebook page, especially if you have never visited Bethesda, it will bring all of our stories to life and give you a better understanign on what a day at Bethesda looks like. 

The Goal

Our clinic cannot function without medicine,  sometimes we need to send patients to other clinics or pharmacies to purchase medicine because we simply don't have the funds to buy what we need. 


We do not want to continue to have to do that.


This summer our goal is to raise $84,000! (US) to purchase medicine.  IF we meet this goals we will have enough operational funds to buy medicine until December 2023!  How amazing would that be?

From June 24 the first $20,000 raised will be matched dollar for dollar! 


What a great way to kick off the campaign! 

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Click on each picture below to find out more about the illnesses we treat, how they are treated and how much it costs for medicine for these patients. 


Every month we need $12,000 to purchase medication in order to ensure our pharmacy is well stocked and we don't have to send patients elsewhere to buy their medicine. 

Remember you can double your impact by donating from June 24 as the first $20,000 will be MATCHED! Your donations not only help us have our pharmacy stocked but can also provide free medication to patients who simply don't have the means to pay. 

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Check Donation

Bethesda  Medical Center.

PO BOX 90056,

Indianapolis, IN, 46290

Payable to Bethesda Medical Center

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Check Donation

Great Commission Foundation

PO Box 14006

Abbotsford, B.C. V2T 0B4

Payable to Great Commission Foundation

include 1064 in the memo line


Cheque donation

114a Holywood Road, Belfast, BT4 1NU 

Payable to One Mission Society

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