a baby smiling at its mum while they wait to see the nurse at Bethesda Medical Center, Haiti.

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compassionate healthcare in Haiti.

Bethesda Medical Center

Haiti has a very weak healthcare system, with roughly 40% of the population lacking access to basic healthcare. Many people in Haiti die from a preventable, treatable illness such as diarrhea, infections and TB. Sadly, 1 in 14 children will die before they reach their 5th birthday. 

Even for those who live close to a health care facility, often they cannot afford the fees for a doctor.  At Bethesda we will not turn anyone away but instead offer medical assistance and the gospel of Christ.

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A female doctor listens to an elderly man's heart with a stethoscope at Bethesda Medical Center in Haiti.

A new Bethesda

A purpose-built medical center to better serve the people of Haiti

An artist's impression of how the new Bethesda Medical Center will look

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The design of a new Bethesda has won THREE awards at the Azure magazine awards in the following categories.  Unbuilt project, environmental leadership AND the people's choice.  We want to say a HUGE congratulations to Kyle and the team at August Green and kaleidoskope who created the renderings. 

Here are some of the judges comments 

''At its heart, Bethesda Medical Center represents a holistic approach to sustainability, where long term generational use, healthfulness and economic prosperity for the people and community have been considered in full. ''

''For over 60 years, Bethesda Medical Center has been providing Haitians with critical services, treating HIV and TB and delivering pre and post natal care and family medicine.  But in recent years it has outgrown its campus.  That's when the Bethesda team invited Phoenix, Arizona, design studio August Green to meet them on the ground to envision a new site - to serve both the city centre of Cap Haitien and the rural areas surrounding it - as well as a new future for the medical institution.  Together, they are planning a completely self sustaining and off grid place of safety- even in times of emergency.'' 

'' Not only is the vision for the new Bethesda Medical Center a winner for its conceptual design.  It's also an exemplar of a strong, sustainable ethos.  The team at August Green approached the site - in Cap Haitian - as a series of systems, ecologies, buildings, hardscapes, stormwater landscapes, power grids, waste treatment and fresh water delivery.  In so doing, they have imagined a truly self sufficient campus, one that generates all its own energy, water and even food.' 


IWe cannot wait for the day when we can build this new Bethesda Medical Center . Please continue to pray with us that God would provide a suitable location and funding to complete the project. 

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Because of you, our generous donors, we are able to offer care to those you can’t afford our services.  No patient will ever be turned away.  As well as financial support, we also need people to pray and volunteer their time and skills. Find out more about how you can get involved.

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