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Get involved

Get involved

We would love to welcome you to the Bethesda family.  There are many ways you can get involved to help support our work in Haiti.

A smiling mum sits with her baby on her knee as they wait for the baby clinic at Bethesda Medical Center in Haiti


Our generous supporters enable us to provide healthcare to anyone who comes through the doors of Bethesda Medical Center.  We would be delighted if you would consider making a one-off or monthly donation to support our work. 


Whatever you can afford to give, we are extremely grateful. Read on to find out about the different ways you can support our work through a one-off or regular donation.

CARE (5).png

CAREgivers are Bethesda's team of committed monthly supporters who allow us to provide

Compassionate, Affordable, Reliable, Evangelistic Healthcare.

Currently a very small percentage of our support comes from regular donations.  We would love to see this percentage increase giving Bethesda some degree of financial stability especially during a time when everything else in Haiti is unstable. 


​Provide healthcare to those most in need

No patient will ever be turned away and they will hear the gospel regardless of their economic status.

Keep the pharmacy well stocked

with life saving medicine for a variety of conditions, available at all times regardless of instability in Haiti.

Allow for long term care for patients

with chronic illnesses such as diabetes and high blood pressure so we can ensure they are taken care of EVERY month. 

CAREgiver (1).png

Join our team of CAREgivers by clicking on the button below to sign up and give to Bethesda every month.  You decide how much you are able to give each month, and together, with other CAREgivers you will help our staff to continue to provide high quality medical care and share the HOPE of the gospel. 

Physio working with a man's knee at Bethesda Medical Center in Haiti
Make a donation

We rely on all of your donations to continue to provide healthcare to the people of Haiti.

A nurse takes measurements of a little boy at the clinic for malnourished children at Betehsda Medical Center in Haiti
Mail a check

If you are in the USA or Canada you can donate by check.

A mother cradles her new baby at Bethesda Medical Center in Haiti
Quick donation

Make a quick one off donation through PayPal (you will receive one tax receipt).

A dentist checking the teeth of his patient at Bethesda Medical Center in Haiti
Donate stock

You can donate appreciated stock/shares to Bethesda.

A boy sits on the end of a bench, looking at the camera.  beside his are four mothers with their babies on their laps as they wait to see the nurse at Bethesda Medical Center in Haiti


Bethesda runs on prayer and we would love you to join our faithful prayer team. 


Sign up to receive monthly prayer updates. You can also download the current prayer guide. 

A physio checks a little girl at Bethesda Medical Center in Haiti.


Could you volunteer your time to help at Bethesda?

Hear from our supporters

A baby looks off into the distance as the nurse measures her arm circumference at the baby clinic in Bethesda Medical Center in Haiti
Bev, CAREgiver

When someone is sick in our family we truly are thankful for available, quality, and consistent healthcare especially from a compassionate healthcare provider.


We support Bethesda Medical Center because that is exactly the kind of care that they provide for the people of Northern Haiti

A dentist checks his patient's teeth at Bethesda Medical Center in Haiti


We support Bethesda so the Haitian people can receive the same care given to those of us who live in Northern America. 


Besides being treated for physical need, the good news of the gospel is openly shared with all that come.

A nurse at Bethesda Medical Center in Haiti checks the medical notes for her patient.

Knowing that when people come to Bethesda because they are sick, they not only find quality medical care but they find healing for their souls. 


They are presented with true hope in the gospel.  That is why we choose to be a small part of the work of Bethesda.

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