A  new Bethesda

We have an exciting opportunity to provide even better healthcare to more people in Northern Haiti. 
The land has been purchased, design is finished, the well has been drilled and the security wall is almost complete.

Once preconstruction work has been done we will move onto construction of building number 1. 

See our progress so far.

Why a new Bethesda?

patients waiting for the clinic at Bethesda medical center

Our buildings are old and the hot, humid climate has taken its toll on our current facilities.  They are in very poor condition, making it difficult for us to provide the high quality care we would like to. Since 2018 we have been having some land issues as the property we are currently on does not belong to us. We are leasing the land at a much increased rent and the lease expires in 2023.

Building a new medical center will give us the opportunity to bring our facilities up-to-date and make sure each room is fit for purpose. We will also be adding a women’s center and a minor surgery unit


The new layout will allow for better patient flow and improved infection control.  We can also ensure we have a proper waste disposal system allowing for correct disposal of waste water, medical waste and general waste. 


A solar powered system will be installed saving thousands of dollars on diesel every year.


Could you help us reach our goal of raising $4million (US)?

The impact on the local community

Dr. Rodney shares what we do here at Bethesda and why building a new Bethesda is important. 

Progress so far

The undeveloped site of the new Bethesda Medical Center in Haiti

The well has been drilled and produced a great water supply.

Work on the security wall is almost complete. 

A contractor has been selected. 

Property has been purchased

Electrical, civil and structural engineering plans have been completed by Engineering Ministries International

Architectural plans by August Green are complete.

Value engineering is complete


Phase 1 is happening

What is Phase 1? Phase 1 is everything we need to do in order to set the stage for construction such as;

  • Earthwork (clearing and levelling the land and storm water management)

  • Security wall and gates

  • Water supply system (the well, water tower and distribution)

  • Initial waste water treatment module

  • Initial power generation and distribution


How the new Bethesda Medical Center will look

Here's a glimpse of how the new Bethesda Medical Center might look compared to our facilities today.

The new design

We have an excellent team who have been working on the design since a field visit in February 2020.  We have partnered with Engineering Ministries International who have now completed the civil, structural and electrical engineering plans.  This includes plans for a water system, which begins with drilling a well, creating a clean water system with water towers and wastewater management. 


The civil engineer also put plans in place to have a proper waste disposal system.  As mentioned, we will be moving to solar powered electricity and the electrical engineer has finished the plans for a solar system which will be able to meet all our of electrical needs.  Because we have a  24/7 emergency department, maternity department, digital X ray and vaccinations which have to be refrigerated, it is essential for us to have electricity 24 hours a day.  This is not normal in Haiti.


We are so privileged to be working with award winning, world class architect, Kyle, from August Green design.   Kyle has done extensive studies on the climate and wind direction & speed and has created a design which will have the maximum cooling effect inside the buildings reducing the need for us to install air conditioning (which is very expensive).  The design will be using earth block which has natural insulating properties and is both earthquake proof and hurricane proof.  The buildings are designed to maximise the use of natural sunlight therefore decreasing electrical costs.

Giving people the care they deserve

ALL of this work, time and money is because we believe each person in Haiti is made in the image of God, and because of that we need to treat them with love, dignity and respect and acknowledging that they deserve better. 


So we are taking a huge leap of faith in building this new building so we can provide high quality of medical care which is extremely difficult to find in the north of Haiti and reach more people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


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