Our Partners

Bethesda Medical Center work in partnership with a number of other organisations.  Find out more about them by clicking on the logo.

The logo of Mercy Inc charity

Mercy, Inc.

Give them a fish, feed them for a day. Teach them to fish, feed them for generations. Mercy Inc. doesn’t just bring the needy food, we teach them how to grow their own food and make a living through agri-businesses and other micro-enterprise ministries.

We don’t just make disciples, we make disciple-makers. We don’t just teach students, we raise up teachers. Our goal is not to just make a difference today, but to transform communities for generations to come. 

the logo of Men for Missions charity

Men for Missions

Men for Missions, a ministry of One Mission Society, is a dynamic movement born of God’s Spirit in the hearts of laymen. Through Men for Missions, thousands of men and their families, from various church affiliations and backgrounds, find a channel for harnessing and releasing personal skills and abilities in practical, direct missionary involvement.

By participation in overseas ministry teams, they catch new zeal for those without Christ, at home as well as abroad.

The logo for The Great Commission Foundation, Canada charity

The Great Commission Foundation

Since 2002, the Great Commission Foundation has been providing a place for individuals, ministries and organizations to thrive in all areas of ministry in order to do just that – fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ and to help the impoverished.

The logo for One Mission society, a charity

One Mission Society

One Mission Society unites in partnership with more than 180 organizations and denominations for one purpose: to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ spread throughout the world, with the greatest number of disciples made, and to see God glorified in all that we say and do — to help fulfill the Great Commission.

This has been, is and always will be our One Mission.

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