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As well as fundraising for our general running costs, we have several projects that need financial support.  Find out more about the projects here.  If you would like to donate to these projects, visit our donation page and add a comment with the name of the project you wish to support.

Dr Rodney treats a patient at Bethesda Medical Center in Haiti with a nurse in the background.
Compassion Fund

This fund is for patients who come to BMC and are unable to pay for part of all of their treatment.  This is a very important service and patients know if they are sick and cannot go to any other clinic that they will be accepted at Bethesda.  A general consultation which includes laboratory work and medicine costs just $13 (US).

Formula to combat malnutrition at Bethesda Medical Center in Haiti
Malnutrition Fund

This fund is to buy food and formula for babies and children who are malnourished.  1 in 5 children in the population suffer from malnutrition so this is something we treat often at BMC.   

Expectant mothers with a gift from Bethesda Medical Center in Haiti
Maternity clinic

The Ruth – Esther Maternity clinic aims to provide high quality care for both mum and baby.  For the small fee of just $10 (US) a woman will receive pain relief, laboratory work, post-natal care including breast feeding support and education. When available we give new moms a small package of onsies, bibs, diapers, wipes and a blanket. Find out how you can make up packages and mail them to us to distribute among new moms.

Mobile medical clinic in Haiti with staff from Bethesda Medical Center
Mobile medical clinics

There are many remote villages in Haiti who have no access to health care.  Here at BMC we send out medical teams to these remote villages to provide healthcare.  We work alongside local churches and do evangelism as well as medical care.  Often this clinic can save lives, both physically and spiritually.

A new Bethesda

A new Bethesda

Help us raise funds  for a  purpose-built medical center to better serve the people of Haiti

An artist's impression of how the new Bethesda Medical Center will look

Get involved

There are many ways you can get involved to help support our work in Haiti.

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