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Our Services

Health and dental care for anyone who needs it.

We want all our patients to have the best quality of life and be able to do it all in one place. That is why Bethesda strives to offer many additional services such as physical therapy to get our patients back to health and full strength as soon as possible.

We offer 16 services...

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... in three key areas




Someone looking in the microscope at Bethesda Medical Center lab in Haiti

Our lab gets many referrals from other clinics due to the extensive testing ability we have.  Most of our patients are able to receive their lab results on the same day.

Dr Rodney checks a patient at bethesda Medical Center in Haiti

We have a 24/7 service where we see patients with conditions like dehydration, strokes and respiratory problems.  We also see many trauma patients in the emergency department.

The pharmacy at Bethesda Medical Center in Haiti

We aim to keep our pharmacy well stocked, so we have the appropriate medicine on hand when we need it.

A mum cradles her baby at Bethesda Medical Center in Haiti

Around 70% of births in Haiti take place at home without a skilled healthcare provider so having a safe, clean place to give birth with a trained midwife is an extremely important service for Bethesda to provide.

A physical therapist walking with a patient at Bethesda Medical Center in Haiti
Physical Therapy

The PT department treats a variety of conditions from children with special needs to back and joint pain to strokes.   

Dentist treating a patient at Bethesda Medical Center in Haiti
Dental Services

Our dental program offers routine screenings, treatments, cleanings and digital X ray and is one of the few dental clinics in Northern Haiti.

General Consultation

We treat whatever comes in the door from chest infections to malaria to worms.


Haiti has the highest rate of TB in the western hemisphere.  We provide diagnosis, medication, education and advice.  When a patient completes their treatment for TB they are healed!


We are able to provide support for families suffering with malnutrition as well as providing milk formula and a ready to use therapeutic food called medika mamba.

Checking an xray at Bethesda Medical Center in Haiti
Digital X-ray

We have one of the only functioning digital X ray machines in the area and can provide this service 24 hours a day. We often get referrals from other clinics,

A baby gets her arms measured at the baby clinic in Bethesda Medical Center, Haiti
Well baby

Every Thursday we have around 100 babies come to be measured, weighed and have their development checked.  Caregivers are educated during this clinic.

A young child gets a vaccination at Bethesda Medical Center in Haiti

We follow the vaccination program set out by the Ministry of Health in Haiti. Our vaccine program has no doubt saved thousands of children’s lives in Northern Haiti.

A nurse performs an ultrasound on a mum-to-be at Bethesda Medical Center, Haiti
Ante Natal

Every Wednesday moms to be come for their check up.  Their pregnancy is monitiored and they are educated on topics such as nutrition, breastfeeding, labour and delivery.

Bethesda Medical Center in Haiti

We provide medication, support, counselling and financial aid to anyone living with HIV/AIDS.  We monitor the progression of the disease and also treat any secondary complication of the disease.

A nurse checks patient's details at Bethesda Medical Center in Haiti

Monthly check ups to monitor blood sugar and prevent complications.  Patients are also educated about their disease, diet and exercise.

A doctor checks his patient's blood pressure at a clinic in Bethesda Medical Center, Haiti

Once a month monitoring to control blood pressure and prevent further complications such as strokes.

Would you like to get involved?

Helping moms and babies

A young mom decided she would come to Bethesda for her check ups now she was pregnant.  She had one son who was 9 and had lost multiple babies in the past. 


Her husband's family had started to treat her badly because she couldn’t give her husband any more babies.  She knew Bethesda could carry out tests in our lab, which other hospitals could not do. 


She came faithfully for her appointments with Ms Ketlye and on every visit Ms Ketlye and Dr Rodney prayed for the safe delivery of this little baby.  At the end of a smooth pregnancy a little baby girl was born


Today the baby is 4 months old and doing great.  Her mom is so thankful not only to have a healthy baby girl but to be able to come to a clinic where her nurse prays with her at every appointment.

*image changed to protect identity

The face of a newborn baby wrapped in a pink blanket at Bethesda Medical Center in Haiti.
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