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Stories of healing

Our mission is to share the gospel of Christ through compassionate healthcare. Through the dedicated work of our wonderful staff and volunteers alonside the faithful prayers of our supporters, many lives are changed here at Bethesda.

Here are just some of the testimonies from patients who have found healing at Bethesda.


A desperate grandmother

After losing her daughter, Rose* couldn't bear the thought of losing two of her seven grandchildren she was now taking care of but she didn't have any money to take the two sick children to the doctor.


A neighbor saw how ill the children were and told Rose to go to Bethesda and ask for help. She said they will take care of the children and even offered to go with them.


The two women brought the children to Bethesda, they were very very ill and in a serious condition. For 4 days they had been suffering from diarrhea, vomiting, fever, cough and abdominal pain.



The emergency room staff took care of them providing medicine, food and clothes. After just 5 days both children were much better and able to return home with the medication to continue their treatment.


The grandmother was so happy the children were better and she gave glory to God for the care and support her family received from Bethesda.


These two young lives were saved because of access to medicine and medical care.

One of the physical therapists treating a patient at Bethesda Medical Center

A young man who found Christ

A young man in his early 20’s came to Bethesda for PT.  He came with some neurological problems in his arm and leg and was brought to therapy by his brother.  He was at a party where he was shot in the head and lost consciousness immediately. 

*Image not of the patient in the story to protect his identity

His family took him to Port au Prince where he had a brain scan and they discovered a bullet fragment lodged in his brain.  He was told if they operate, he would more than likely pass away, but if they did nothing he would more than likely pass away.  His family choose to bring him home and take care of him. 


He spent weeks in bed, mostly unconscious.   Gradually over time he began to have periods of time where he was awake, he began to move and then speak.  His family really wanted to take him to a witch doctor but his brother, who is a Christian would not let them. 


His brother then brought him to Bethesda.  As our PT talked with him it became apparent that this young man did not believe he had been shot, he thought someone had put a voodoo spell on him.  Over the next hour the PT talked with this young man about how the doctor had seen the bullet fragment on the brain scan, talked about how it was a miracle he was alive and most of all we talked about how God must have a plan for his life.

The Holy Spirit was speaking to this young man and out PT took him over to continue the conversation with Pastor Daniel, the X Ray technician who also works as a pastor.  During this conversation the young man stopped the conversation and said ‘You can stop talking, I am ready to accept Jesus as my Saviour.’

You can stop talking, I am ready to accept Jesus as my Saviour.

HIV AIDS building at Bethesda Medical Center in Haiti

Living with HIV

*Names have been changed to protect the identity of our patient.

21 year old Christine* had already visited 5 witch doctors before coming to Bethesda.  She even travelled over 4 hours away and spent more then $1500 (US) trying to find a solution for her illness.  She had been losing weight, had a fever, was so weak she couldn’t walk and even had difficulty breathing.

She visited a witch doctor close to her home who told her ‘I cannot do anything for you, you should go to Bethesda, there you will find a solution,’

Christine came, so weak she was barely able to walk and in just one day she tested positive for tuberculosis, anemia, a couple of infections.  She also found out she was living with HIV.  She was given medicine, advice and the gospel.  Within a week Christine was already feeling a lot better and stronger.  Her family continued to work on paying their debt to the witch doctor so they would not have anything to do with Satan anymore.

A few weeks later Christine came for her check up, feeling much better and stronger.  On Friday both Christine and her mom accepted Jesus as their Savior. Christine finished her course of TB medication and is much better.  She is continuing in our HIV clinic taking medication and is doing really well.

A boy sits on the end of a bench, looking at the camera.  beside his are four mothers with their babies on their laps as they wait to see the nurse at Bethesda Medical Center in Haiti

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