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Bethesda Medical Center, Haiti, in the 1970s

History of Bethesda

Providing healthcare and sharing the gospel with the people of Haiti since 1961

Bethesda started as a ministry of One Mission Society in 1961 when nurse, Flo Boyer, saw the suffering of many Haitian people and the lack of healthcare available. Since then, Bethesda has grown and we are now working towards a new purpose-built hospital to meet the growing need.

Flo Boyer began to treat patients in a 12x12 colonial building.


The first wing of Bethesda was completed by Men for Mission teams.


The second wing of Bethesda was completed.


setting up the new binocular microscope at Bethesda Medical Center, Haiti in 1969 with Tina Markeli


The first laboratory was set up by Canadian missionary Tina Markeli, and an old X ray machine was installed.

Esther and Tina Markeli in the marternity ward at Bethesda Medical Center in Haiti in 1971


The maternity department was established by American missionary Esther Close. Esther then went on to train up 4 Haitian midwives.

The Dental building was completed and missionary Virgil Ullom was the full time dentist.


A nurse at Bethesda Medical Center, Haiti in 1970s


By 1975 Bethesda had expanded to a Y shaped building with consulting rooms, a laboratory, x ray, pharmacy and two other buildings.  One for dentistry and one for obstetrics.

The tuberculosis clinic was added to services  in partnership with the Haitian health ministry (the MSPP).




The HIV/AIDS clinic was established and another building completed to house the HIV/AIDS clinic.

The emergency department at Bethesda Medical Center, Haiti. Converted from the old chapel in 2015


The old chapel is converted into a 24/7 emergency department.

The physical therapy department at Bethesda Medical Center in Haiti


Physical therapy is added as a permanent service to Bethesda.

An artist's impression of what the news Bethesda will look like.


The BMC board make the decision to move and build a new Bethesda

Help us build a new Bethesda

At Bethesda we want to do our best for the people of Haiti.  That means we won’t just make do when we have the opportunity to do better, even if it costs more money.

The people of Haiti deserve high quality healthcare in excellent facilities, so that’s what we aim to give them.

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