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End of year giving

Faithful  Foundations 

Thank you for your faithful support through prayer and financial support for yet another difficult year for Haiti. We are so grateful that God has been faithful and provided us and sustained us so far in 2023. Yet there are many challenges which remain, continued violence in the capital city, a border closure with the Dominican Republic and ever increasing costs of medicine, medical supplies and fuel.

This end of year we are raising funds for four key services which provide the foundations for Bethesda. It is in these services we see the majority of patient visits, here where patients are referred into one of the eleven other services and without these foundational services we simply wouldn’t exist.


Four key services

Pediatric care

Every Thursday we have around 100 families at Bethesda for well baby day. The babies are weighed, measured, screened for malnutrition aswell as given any appropriate vaccinations. Any day during the week a parent can bring a child who needs to see a doctor and so far this year our staff have treated over 1500 children for illness. The well baby team have given over 10,000 vaccinations for illness such as TB, diptheria, hepatitis, polio and more.


General Consultation

General Consultation happens every day at Bethesda and recently a mother of a young boy who was treated at Bethesda came back with this message.

‘Firstly I have come back to recognize nurse Matha, she is wonderful. My son was sick with a respiratory infection and nurse Matha was so kind and supportive. Now he is better, we are so happy. If I had to come again I would want this same team. This is a very good clinic, with great staff who all work well together as an experienced team. ‘

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The emergency room opened in 2015 when Dr Rodney saw a big need for 24/7 care.  In 2021 the MSPP provided an ambulance which has increased the numbers of patients getting treatment in the emergency department.  With the recent addition of a solar system providing lights all night and new hospital beds on their way from the US we are constantly trying to improve the care given. 

Pierre* arrived at Bethesda with symptoms of typhoid fever, unfortunately our medicine for typhoid had run out due to the circumstances in Haiti. 

Pierre got sicker and sicker and our staff were not sure if he was going to make it.  Our medical team fought hard, searching everywhere for the medicine.  Eventually  the medicine was found and Pierre began to recover.  On the day he was discharged his fmaily along with our staff praised God together for his healing. 

*name changed 



So far this year over 5000 patients have received treatment in the dental clinic. Patients come with toothache, tooth decay, gum disease and dental abscesses.  Patients frequently have visibly decayed teeth and can be in a lot of pain.  Our team of 11 includes 2 dentists, 3 dental assistants, 1 dental hygienist and other support staff.  The team can provide fillings, extractions, X rays, root canals and dental cleanings.  Alongside dental care, 

Bethesda’s pastor provides spiritual care by sharing  from God’s word every morning.


Faithful Foundations 




As the foundations of Haiti are crumbling our staff are giving patients a different place to put their faith. Staff take opportunities to share the gospel of Jesus and pray with patients introducing them to God’s amazing faithfulness and showing them a solid foundation on which to build their lives.


We invite you to join us in continuing to build faithful foundations here at Bethesda through supporting one of the services above. This December ALL donations* will be matched dollar for dollar up to $45,000! So when you support pediatric care for one day it will in fact be two days and the emergency department for one week will now be two weeks. Follow along on social media to find out more about these services and testimonies of how God is working through these services at Bethesda. 


What a great opportunity to make your donation go further. 

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Ways to give

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Check Donation

Bethesda  Medical Center.

PO BOX 90056,

Indianapolis, IN, 46290

Payable to Bethesda Medical Center

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Check Donation

Great Commission Foundation

PO Box 14006

Abbotsford, B.C. V2T 0B4

Payable to Great Commission Foundation

include 1064 in the memo line


Cheque donation

114a Holywood Road, Belfast, BT4 1NU 

Payable to One Mission Society

Give stocks

Give stocks and
mutual funds

Give stocks or mutual funds is a great opportunity for you to give more and enjoy tax benefits, while being part of what God is doing in Haiti through Bethesda. 

Qualified Charitable 

If you are 70 1/2 or older, you can donate up to $100,000 per tax year directly from an individual retirement account to charities like Bethesda Medical Center. 


Donor-advised funds

You can recommend a grant to Bethesda by contacting your fund administrator with the following information :

Healthcare in Haiti dba Bethesda Medical Center, EIN 83-3011698

Bethesda Medical Center

PO BOX 90056, Indianapolis,

IN, 46290

Thank you for being part of what God is doing in Haiti. 

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