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End of year giving

The Compassion Fund 

Our end of year campaign is two fold.  Firstly we will be raising money for

The Compassion Fund.  This fund is specifically set aside to help patients who are in desperate need of care but unable to pay either for part or all of their treatment.

This has always been a part of what Bethesda does but since the beginning of 2022 we have seen a 390% increase in the number of people needing to use this service.  

This is shocking and gives you a very real picture of how difficult life really is in Haiti right now. 

This means there are patients across all of our services who need help with medical care.  In order to help you decide you you can get involved we have put together a giving Calendar with a variety of donation amounts corresponding to how that can help a patient at Bethesda.  The gift amount ranges from $10 to $300 so there is something for everyone! 

Giving Calendar

If you see a service you would like to try to help provide then simply click on the picture and it will take you to the giving page.  If you are able please consider making your donation a monthly one so Bethesda can provide these services aLL year round and not just at Christmas.  

Our goal for December is to get 31 new monthly donors.  Monthly donors provide Bethesda with some level of financial stability and help us to reach more patients with high quality medical care and the eternal hope of the gospel.  


Please consider becoming a monthly donor. 

ALL donations made from the US

and Canada are tax deductible. 

The Solar Project 

Solar project.png

The second part of our end of year campaign will be raising money for the solar project.  With soaring fuel prices and severely restricted generator hours, we have decided to move forward with solar as a strategy to reduce operating costs and improve our quality of care by having a much more reliable electricity supply.


We are working with Just Energy, a charitable volunteer organization with a small paid staff in Haiti, to install a system that will provide 90% of our power and in turn, eliminate 90% of our generator fuel needs. Just Energy has successfully installed and continues to operate six solar systems in Northern Haiti.

This new system will cost $180,000 to purchase and install but praise God $120,000 has already been donated.  We hope to get this system as soon as possible in 2023.  Fuel is not readily available and when diesel is found it is very expensive.  Right now we have enough diesel to last us through to mid January but this is on a very reduced schedule of just 3-4 hours a day of generator power. 

Would you consider a one time gift towards the solar project?

ALL donations made from the US

and Canada are tax deductible. 

DSC00315 (3).JPG

Thank you for being part of what God is doing in Haiti. 

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