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Meet the team

The people behind Bethesda Medical Center

We have a dedicated team of professionals providing healthcare and support at Bethesda Medical Center.  Let's meet some of them.

Dr Rodney director (2).jpg

Dr. Rodney Baptiste

BMC Director

Dr Rodney’s journey with Bethesda started as a teenager when he would translate for medical teams.  After completing medical school in the Dominican Republic he returned to Haiti to serve his own people and started working at Bethesda is 2007.  He became the director in 2010.

Nurse Ketlye who runs the high blood pressure and diabetes clinic at Betheda Medical Center in Haiti

Ketlye Pierre


Nurse Ketlye runs the high blood and diabetes clinic at Bethesda.  She also looks after the antenatal care.  She has been working at Bethesda since 2005. Nurse Ketlye is known for going above and beyond for her patients.

Pastor Daniel X ray technician.jpg

Pastor Daniel Jean Francois

X ray technician

Pastor Daniel has been working at Bethesda since 2003, he not only takes X rays but spends much of his time sharing the word of God with patients.

Nurse Prudence head nurse.jpg

Prudence Loussaint


Nurse Prudence has been working at Bethesda since 1988.  Nurse Prudence runs the TB program, malnutrition and pediatric clinic as well as general consultation. Nurse Prudence is instrumental in leading many people to Christ at Bethesda.

Madala Antoine, stock manager at Bethesda Medical Center in Haiti

Magdala Antoine

Stock Manager

Magdala is the stock manager.  She orders all the medication and medical supplies we need.  Magdala has been with us since 2008, she likes to work at Bethesda because it saves a lot of lives.

Ms Altidor Physical Therapist .jpg

Altidor Williamnese

Physical Therapist

One of the younger members of staff, Altidor joined the team as physical therapist in 2018. She is committed to ongoing education including studying psychology on the weekends so she can take better care of her patients.

The Bethesda Board

Bethesda Medical Center is a registered charity in USA (a  501c3 non profit). Our board is made up of 14 elected members and each member serves for three years.

Get involved

We would love to welcome you to the Bethesda family.  There are many ways you can get involved to help support our work in Haiti.

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