Make a donation

The links below will take you to one of our partner sites so you can make a one-off or regular, monthly donation.  

To make a quick donation from anywhere in the world you can use paypal. 


UK - One Mission Society


Suitable for one off and regular donations to construction for those living in the UK. 

​​Suitable for one-off  and regular donations from those living in USA

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USA- Donorbox

​​Suitable for one-off  and regular donations from those living in Canada

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Canada - Great Commission Foundation

Men standing on wooden scaffolding in front of a building they are buuilding at Bethesda Medical Center in Haiti

Construction costs

Construction costs about $100/sq ft.  A group could fund an entire room at the new Bethesda by donating $1000 for 15 months.

Or think about it in bricks.

$24 buys 40 bricks

$60 buys 100 bricks- that's 1200 bricks over the next year!

A male dentist examines the teeth of his patient at Bethesda Medical Center in Haiti

Operations costs

  • $25/month provides consultation, lab work and medicine for one patient

  • $100/month pays for 3 months of physical therapy for a stroke patient

  • $200/month gives 8 weeks of treatment for a child with malnutrition

  • $500/month would provide free care for 25 patients in our high blood pressure clinic.


Send a baby care package

You can make up a new mom pack and send it to us to bless a new mom in Haiti.  The pack should include:






Packs should be sent to:

Bethesda Medical Center (New Moms)

Unit 1029 OMS

3170 Airmans Drive, Ft Pierce, FL,



Is this something your local parent toddler group could do as a fundraising activity?