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A picture of Bethesda Medical Center in Haiti

Compassionate Healthcare

Bethesda Medical Center has been serving the people of Northern Haiti since 1961, providing much needed healthcare. 


Many people in Haiti die from preventable and treatable illnesses. 1 in 14 children don't make it to their fifth birthday.  Together we can make a difference.

Our Mission

Sharing the hope of Christ through compassionate healthcare

A nurse performing an ultrasound on a pregnant woman's abdomen at Bethesda Medical Center
A young girl in a wheelchair being treated at Bethesda Medical Center in Haiti

Our Vision

To see every person healed by God and their quality of life restored.

Our Values

The gospel is central to all that we do at Bethesda, and is our number one value.

The Gospel

Intentionally share the good news of Jesus Christ with patients and their families. The gospel teaches us to show the love of Christ, to care for the poor, and treat every person with love, kindness and mercy.


This focus on Christ drives everything we do.


Compassionately provide patient-centered care with a dynamic, supportive, service-oriented team approach in partnership with our entire community.

Each patient is known as a person in the context of their own social world to be listened to, informed, respected, and involved in their care during their healthcare journey.


Deliver and model the highest quality health care and wellness education.


Wisely manage our financial, material, natural and human resources with integrity and accountability.


Be geographically and cost-effectively available to the entire community regardless of their economic or religious status.

Find out more

Someone looking in a microscope performing lab tests at Bethesda Medical Center in Haiti

What we do

Read about the services we offer to the patients that need our help

An artist's impression of a sheletered outdoor waiting area at the new Bethesda Medical Center

A new Bethesda

A purpose-built medical center to better serve the people of Haiti

A black and white image of bethesda Medical Center from the 1970s

Our history

Learn more about the history of Bethesda Medical centre

A nurse checks on a patient at bethesda Medical Center

Meet the team

Meet some of the Bethesda Medical team and our board members

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