Move for the Move 

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Join us on a virtual journey around Haiti

From June 1 -30th you can get out your walking shoes, jump on your bike or 'move' however you want as we collectively travel virtually around the perimeter of Haiti.  We will begin our journey at Cap Haitien International airport and travel west along the 1100 miles of Caribbean coastline visiting places like Port au Prince, Jeremie and the Blue Lagoon at Jacmel.  Then we will travel along the 223 miles of land border with the Dominican Republic and admire Haiti's beautiful mountains before returning to our starting point in Cap Haitien.

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Get involved

.Follow the steps below to join.  We are using Race Roster which makes it easy to track your progress and invite friends and family to sponsor you.  As we move around Haiti you will learn more Haiti's sites and culture and might even pick up a little Creole along the way!!   Join the move for the move facebook group to follow the journey and post photos of your own journey.  

You will not only get the benefits of getting outside and moving but you will also be raising vital funds for the construction of a brand new Bethesda Medical Center. 

Step 1

Register on the button below - make sure you choose the country you are living in! Sign up before May 16th to get the earlybird registration fee! 

Step 2

Decide how you will 'move' and set yourself a goal.  Or get your friends involved by creating a team then set your collective goal. 

Step 3

Share your challenge with friends and family and ask them to sponsor you.  Once registered you will have a personal link to share. 

Step 4

Get moving!! Record your distances using your smart watch or an app on your phone such as strava and  post it on the event page. 

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US residents register by clicking on the button below. 

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Canadian residents register by clicking on the button below. 


UK residents register by clicking on the button below. 

Not taking part but still want to get involved? 

You are more than welcome to join the facebook group and follow along on the virtual journey around Haiti.  If your not on facebook you can sign up for the weekly update by email. 

You can also go to Raceroster and sponsor any of the teams and individuals taking part from your country and you also have the opportunity to sponsor team Haiti! A team of our staff and patients taking part in their very own version of Move for the Move in Haiti! Just search 'move for the move' in the events box. 

Imagine with us

Imagine with us, how wonderful it will be to watch this property transform from an empty lot with uneven ground and half a security wall, to a campus with brand new buildings, solar power, proper waste management and more - all to increase capacity and further improve Bethesda's already high level of care for body, mind and soul of the people of Northern Haiti. 


Frequently asked questions

Is there a registration fee?

Yes, the earlybird fee is $5 / £5 per person if you register by May 15th. After that the fee increases to $7 / £7. Enter the promo code 'Family' for a discount when registering as a family team. The discount will expire on May 15th.

How far do I need to 'Move'?

The route around the entire country is 1323 miles. You can do the whole or partial distance as a team or set your own goal as an individual. We will add all the miles collectively 'moved' together.

How many people can I have on my team?

It's up to you! There is no limit!You can be a team of 2 or 20 or more. The more people you are able to get involved the better.

How do I set up my team?

When you register, you have the choice of creating a new team, joining an existing team or signing up as an individual. On Race Roster see the Register or the View and Join Team buttons on the left.

How do I record my distance?

Once the event starts, you can begin tracking and reporting your activity on Race Roster. See the post virtual activity button on the top left. You can use your smart watch or an app on your phone such as Strava or ASICS Runkeeper to measure your miles moved. By using the ASICS Runkeeper app your distances will automatically be uploaded to Race Roster.

What is the money for?

All funds raised will go towards the construction of a brand new Bethesda Medical Center in Haiti.

How do I get sponsors?

Share your individual or team page on social media and ask your friends and family to sponsor you. For those who aren't internet savy, we also have a hardcopy of a sponsor form for collecting donor info. You can download this at the bottom of this page.

I want to sponsor someone, where do I send my donation?

You can donate to an individual, a team or the cause through various donate buttons on Race Roster. If you would prefer you can give cash to the person you are sponsoring or write a check. For more details on sending a check please see the question 'Can someone sponsor me with a check'.

Does a sponsor get a tax receipt?

Yes, all donations received in Canada will be receipted throught our partner GCF Canada. In the US tax receipts will be issued from Healthcare in Haiti Inc.

Are there any prizes?

Yes! There will be a prize for the individual who raised the most money!

Why is Race Roster asking me for a donation when I register?

When you register you also have the option of sending a donation. You can continue to checkout with no donation just hit 'checkout' without adding an amount. Alternatively if you would like to donate you are able to do that.

Can someone sponsor me with a check?

Yes. You can collect checks as sponorship and mail them into your receipting office (see below) or the donor can mail the check themselves. In the US Mailing address - Healthcare in Haiti Inc PO Box 682 Olney, Il 62450 Please make the check payable to 'Bethesda Medical Center' and include a note that the check is for Move for the Move. In Canada Mailing address- Great Commission Foundation PO Box 14006 Abbotsford, BC V2T 0B4 Please make the check payable to 'Great Commission Foundation' and write the project number 1064-1 on thememo line. Please also send a note stating the donation is for BMC relocation - Move for the Move In the UK Postal address- One Mission Society 114a Holywood Road Belfast BT4 1NU Please make your check payable to 'One Mission Society' and add a note that you check is for Bethesda Medical Center, Move for the Move.

Become a team leader

Moving is always more fun when you do it with friends!  Why not get your friends and family involved in Move for the Move and create a team.  Your team can be as big or as small as you would like.   We have put together a team leader pack for you to make things as easy as possible. 





Some of the responsibilities you will have as a team leader are 

  • Register your team on Race Roster

  • Get team members 

  • Customize your teams personal sponsorship page

  • If needed collect cash and check donations 

  • Share the sponsor form with team members 

  • If you have any problems please Contact Us and we will do all we can to help

  • Motivate your team to GET MOVING!

Once you are registered you can download the badges below to share on social media to let your friends and family know what your doing.  Just click on the download button to choose which badge you want to share!

Join us on a journey to build a new Bethesda,

a journey to bring hope to the people of Northern Haiti. 

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