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CAREgivers is our team of committed monthly supporters who enable us to provide




Evangelistic healthcare.

Lets just unpack each of these a little further.

Our staff strive to follow the example of Jesus and show compassion towards all of our patients.

Colossians 2 v 12 Put on then, as God's chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness and patience.

To be very honest this is getting more and more difficult with the price and availability of fuel and the inflation rate pushing up the price of medicine and medical supplies.

BUT we will ALWAYS see and treat a patient regardless of their ability to pay and our patients know they will not be turned away.

Bethesda is open 24/7 meaning anyone at any time can come for medical care. Our staff do not go on strike like many other hospitals and clinics in the area.

Even in the middle of a crisis our staff make a huge effort to come to work, sometimes they even encounter road blocks and barricades yet everyday Bethesda is open.

This is perhaps the most important thing. Each morning Pastor Exalus takes patient devotions at 8am. IT is during this time our patients hear the word of God.

Throughout the day the pastor and other staff members take opportunities to show and share the love of Jesus with our patients providing them with an eternal hope.

A very small percentage (less than 10%) of our donations comes from monthly supporters. We would love to see this number increase giving Bethesda some more financial stability especially during a time when everything else in Haiti is very unstable. By increasing our team of CAREgivers it will enable Bethesda to

- Provide healthcare to those most in need. No patient will ever be turned away regardless of their ability to pay what is a small fee for consultation.

- Keep the pharmacy well stocked. With the current unrest in Haiti it is difficult for us not only to travel to the city to buy medicine but also to know what the price is going to be. With the Haitian gourde loosing value medicine becomes more and more expensive. It therefore makes sense for us to be able to buy in bulk during a stable time to prepare for those times of crisis. This is only possible with regular monthly income.

- Allow for long term care for patients. Many of our regular patients who have chronic illnesses such a high blood pressure or diabetes have to come for a monthly check up for the rest of their lives. This is a huge financial burden on them and their families. With regular monthly support Bethesda can ensure that these patients are well taken care of EVERY month and not just on the months they have the means to come.

Would you consider joining the team of CAREgivers today?

You decide how much you are able to give each month and together, with other CAREgivers and the staff at Bethesda, we can reach people with high quality medical care and the hope of the gospel.

To sign up visit the 'Get involved' page on our website.

Some of our CAREgivers share why they joined the team.

Thank you for being part of what God is doing in Haiti.

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