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The best Doctor

Just a few weeks ago a man, lets call him Jon, showed up at Bethesda early in the morning looking for a doctor. Jon has a good job, he works for the National Television Service in Haiti. Jon has been to many different doctors, some in the US, some in the Dominican Republic and some in Haiti. He has had many different investigations and tests but no one can provide him with a reason for the stomach pain he has been having for the past 13 years.

His plan that morning was to go to a private doctor in Cap Haitian but the night before he had a dream that he came to see a doctor at Bethesda. So he got up, drove to Bethesda looking for this doctor. On arrival he met Dr Rodney who took him into his office where Jon asked ' How can I see a doctor at Bethesda?'

Dr Rodney was a little puzzled. He had introduced himself as a doctor and thought maybe Jon is looking for a foreign doctor, an American. So on went the conversation.

Dr Rodney ''Do you really want to see a doctor at Bethesda?''

'Yes' replied the man. ''Ok,'' said Dr Rodney, ''the best doctor we have here is called Jesus, do you want to see this doctor?'' The man didn't respond, he was getting frustrated. He had the means to pay for any doctor he wanted and he was expecting a good service.

''The best doctor we have here is called Jesus.''

''Doc, he said, ''I am serious - last night I had a dream that I would see a doctor here at Bethesda, please let me see the doctor.''

Dr Rodney responded, ''I am serious - the best doctor we have here is Jesus. If you want to see him I can take you to him and I can pray with you for your healing.''

The man agreed and Dr Rodney prayed with him but saw that once he finished praying the man was not happy so Dr Rodney went to the pharmacy to get a little medicine and sent him on his way.

Two weeks later the man returned with his wife, they had been searching all over Cap Haitian for this medicine which had taken away Jon's stomach pain, a pain he had suffered from for 13 years! They could not find it anywhere! Dr Rodney took the man's wife to the pharmacy to show him the liquid he had given her husband, a simple vitamin and he began to explain.

''It is not the medicine which healed your husband, I prayed with him and Jesus healed his stomach pain.''

When they returned to the office Jon testified that Jesus had healed him and Bethesda in fact did have a doctor called Jesus.

''Bethesda does have a doctor and his name is Jesus''

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