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Lives Saved

After losing her daughter, Rose* couldn't bear the thought of losing two of her seven grandchildren she was now taking care of but she didn't have any money to take the two sick children to the doctor.

A neighbor saw how ill the children were and told Rose to go to Bethesda and ask for help. She said they will take care of the children and even offered to go with them.

The two women brought the children to Bethesda, they were very very ill and in a serious condition. For 4 days they had been suffering from diarrhea, vomiting, fever, cough and abdominal pain.

The emergency room staff took care of them providing medicine, food and clothes. After just 5 days both children were much better and able to return home with the medication to continue their treatment.

The grandmother was so happy the children were better and she gave glory to God for the care and support her family received from Bethesda.

These two young lives were saved because of access to medicine and medical care.

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