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I want your Jesus

Last month we had a man come who was extremely sick. In fact he was so ill our staff thought he was dying. He was brought into the emergency department and given treatment. After 3 days he was much much better and ready to go home.

Now, able to talk and share with our staff he told them that he had spent all his money on witch doctors only to become sicker and sicker and had nothing left when he came to Bethesda. He was discharged and our staff hoped we wouldn't see him again, for all the right reasons.

Last week, a month after he has been treated he returned, but this time he didn't come back because he was sick. This time he had a different request.

''I want your Jesus.'' He said.

And that's what he found this week at Bethesda. This young man was prayed with and he accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior. His life has been transformed by the power of Jesus through coming to Bethesda.

''I want your Jesus''

This young man saw the love of Christ in how he was treated at Bethesda and he wanted that in his own life. What a privilege to be able to lead hopeless, hurting people to Christ.

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